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About the violin purchase

Each violin comes with a case, bow, and rosin. Each purchase is provided with a two week play period. Time a prospective buyer can use to play, test the sound, and connect with the instrument before transaction is finalized. Each instrument comes with a discounted rate for repairs & maintenance.


[Rich's] craftsmanship is remarkable. Having played since age 3, I have been around the instrument a while. All of the small details that many overlook were precisely in place. Sound post position, bridge, nut, etc. Everything is mechanically brilliant. Also, it is beautiful. Several friends and fellow violinists have looked and played the instrument. They speak very highly of Rich's work. It outplays my previous violin and is now my main violin.

- Harrison S. - Violinist at University of Texas

[Rich's] violin is beautiful. I had followed [the violin] about 3 years ago on ebay, when it sold for ~1900. At that time the violin was in sad shape. [Rich] worked on it did a great job. It really is quite impressive. 
The sound is still tight, but it is big and wonderful in the higher registers. Thank you for the quick shipping and for an excellent transaction. All the best

- Stave K. Violinist from Michigan

Rich’s violin reminded me of my Guadagnini that I had as a young man.  It is a pleasure to play. The sound is rich and the subtlety is apparent.  It is truly a finely made violin.

- Max Weiman - St. Louis


Playing the violin is a wonderful talent. The connection between the musician and their violin is  special. However, every player gets to a point in their career when they are ready to step up and purchase a new violin for the next stage in their journey. The decision is not easy. The next violin could see them through many years of play, so the choice has to be right.  We want to make sure you get it right. The nuance of finding a unique instrument to you, but one that doesn’t make you stand out is a hard balance. To improve the performance of the player, great care is taken in making sure the specifications of the instrument are of the highest standards to produce a great sound. We also reduce anxiety for players by offering a 2 week trial period to test the sound and bond with the instrument. That’s why I started repairing and finishing violins. To help local players in St. Louis have access to high quality instruments but for reasonable prices. If you see a violin that you think would be a great fit, please click request trial period. Please enjoy our 2019 collection.


About Rich Pope

Welcome to Rich Pope's violin shop. A boutique violin shop established in 2005 and located in St Louis, MO. Rich has spent many years repairing, and finishing 4/4 student and professional violins, and studied under well respected luthiers in the St Louis area. Rich has a professional eye for excellence that can be seen in his work. His violins sell at local music stores in St Louis, as well as nationwide auctions. Please see below for available selection. If you see a violin you would like to know more about fill our the form here. 


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