About the violin

A beautiful, golden yellow Italian Style violin. The ground coat is washed linseed oil that has sat in the sun until the wood turned a beautiful light, yellow color. The varnish is yellow and follows an old Italian recipe. The pegs are inlaid with 10k gold, the bridge is aged maple and has been fitted perfectly, the fittings are masterfully done, the fingerboard has been planed and the neck is at the correct angle. The strings are Larsens. There is nothing that needs to be done to this violin as it is ready to play and sounds magnificent. 

The photos are by Burke Original Photo & Video. (Aidan Burke).

This violin is set-up by Karl Roy Jr. and finished by Richard Pope St Louis, MO. #54 


History of the violin

Each violin may take 250+ manhours of work. This includes setting up the violin, carving the bridge to fit the unique shape, making sure the neck and fingerboard are the right dimensions and angles, and making sure the pegs are fitted properly. Then each violin spends days, weeks, and sometimes months left in the sun. Each violin is also finished with oil, or varnish, then finishing touches with contouring. All of these customized adjustments are used to control and generate a great sound. This hand crafted violin is durable will also sustain it's quality with many hours of playing, transportation, and variations in temperature. 


About the purchase

It will include a case and bow.

It will come with a two week trial. While the money is pending the buyer will have two weeks to try the violin. If the buyer likes, we will complete the transaction. If the buyer decides to pass, we will return the money no questions asked. (buyer will pay for shipping).
Each purchase once completed will come with a thirty day repair policy. The buyer may then request repairs at discounted price at Rich Pope Violin Shop. (see below for more details).



[Rich’s] craftsmanship is remarkable. Having played since age 3, I have been around the instrument a while. All of the small details that many overlook were precisely in place. Sound post position, bridge, nut, etc. Everything is mechanically brilliant. Also, it is beautiful. Several friends and fellow violinists have looked and played the instrument. They speak very highly of Rich's work. It outplays my previous violin and is now my main violin.

- Harrison S. - Violinist at University of Texas


[Rich’s] violin is beautiful. I had followed [the violin] about 3 years ago on ebay, when it sold for ~1900. At that time the violin was in sad shape. [Rich] worked on it did a great job. It really is quite impressive.

The sound is still tight, but it is big and wonderful in the higher registers. Thank you for the quick shipping and for an excellent transaction. All the best


- Stave K. Violinist from Michigan

If you wish to contact Rich Pope or request a repair, please contact Handle on ebay.


About Richard Pope

Rich has boutique violin shop established in 2005 and located in St Louis, MO. Rich has spent many years making, repairing, and finishing 4/4 student violins, and studied under well respected luthiers in the St Louis area. Rich has a professional eye for excellence that can be seen in his work. His violins sell at local music stores in St Louis, as well as nationwide auctions.


If you wish to contact Rich Pope or request a repair, please contact us 573 554 2690 or email handlemyitem@gmail.com

4/4 Violin #54 by Richard Pope Violin Shop

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